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Hand Painted Photography

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Bed 23 is Going Home (Vintage Photo 1944)I Bought This Dress in Hopes that You Would Ask Me Out (Vintage Photo 1944)Grand Mother is in Love (Vintage Photo 1944)Our Day off from Boot Camp (Vintage Photo 1944)
Don't I Look Sweet and Innocent (Vintage Photo 1944)Wedding Day (Vintage Photo 1944)Here on EarthHigh Flying Adored
Smart Mouth GoddessJanis and GraceLeap of FaithLittle Nymph
Love and HaightLove Lingers LongMad PrincessMain Lining Beauty

Patricia Izzo specializes in the art of hand painting and tinting fine art and vintage photography. The process begins with archival inks and photographic oils hand painted over weeks, layer upon layer, and finished carefully. The photograph is then transferred to archival somerset fine art paper. The artist is available for commission work and portraiture in this genre.

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